Adhesive Coated Tapes and Strings

Handle Reinforcement Adhesive SolutionsGlobal Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & Applications Innovative Adhesive Products and Solutions


Targeted reinforcement to your
package's handles and hand holes

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Construction worker carrying a piece of plywood on a roof.Global Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & Applications Innovative Adhesive Products and Solutions


Improve wood recovery
in the composing process

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Warehouse Packaging with Sesame® Reinforcement and Containment TapesGlobal Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & Applications Innovative Adhesive Products and Solutions


Improve the performance of
bulk bins, shipping containers, and heavy-duty boxes

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Retail Ready & Easy Open Packaging with Tear Tape Adhesive SolutionGlobal Adhesives Manufacturer Operating in Many Markets & Applications Innovative Adhesive Products and Solutions


A safe, no knife solution to access
the contents without damaging them

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At H.B. Fuller, our adhesive coated tapes and strings enhance the performance of packaging, and improve the manufacturing of plywood.

Paper-Based Packaging 

Businesses can gain a competitive advantage with value-added packaging solutions. From damage and loss prevention to efficient closing and easy opening, we have a solution that fits your packaging needs.

  • Damage and Loss Prevention: For over 30 years, our Sesame® tape technology has been used to strengthen packaging and help protect the products inside. Sesame® tape reinforces critical stress areas of boxes to reduce bulge and burst, prevent hand-hole tears, increase stacking performance, prevent product damage, and extend packaging life.

  • Cost Optimization: Our reinforcement tapes support optimization of liner-board combinations, often allowing companies to save cost and reduce walls and liner weights.

  • Easy Opening:  Our Open-Sesame® system provides a high-quality, easy opening feature in single and multi-wall corrugated packaging. Brand owners can achieve a cost-effective, clean-tear opening for retail-ready packaging and displays. Our no-knife opening technology can prevent in-store injury and protect your products. Easy-opening tape also promotes the consumer experience with your brand by reducing frustration and increasing safety in the unboxing process. 

  • Efficient Closing: Our Close-Sesame™ system streamlines the fulfillment process by providing an easy peel and seal double-sided tape closing for shipping boxes.

Plywood Composing

Our adhesive coated technologies improve your wood recovery in the composing process. Specifically, our rotary applicator system achieves superior tape bonding on softwoods, and tight-grained hardwoods with Sesame® Veneer tapes and strings. Sesame® Green Veneer Tape is a formaldehyde-free application which increases dryer efficiency on random veneer.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

The first generation of our Sesame Evolution product line contains bio-based materials sourced from environmentally and socially-responsible companies, while continuing to enable packaging recyclability. Packaging designers gain enhanced performance while helping them meet sustainability and circular economy goals. The first product available in the Sesame Evolution product line is a narrow tape that uses a non-plastic, bio-based substrate and increases the amount of bio-based content in our products. 

Click here to view all sustainable packaging solutions. 

At H.B. Fuller, we value our customers’ sustainability efforts including the importance of greener packaging, improving wood recovery and preserving natural resources. Our adhesive coated tape and string products can support sustainable packaging goals. They can allow for a reduction in fiber use, a reduction in carbon footprint by lowering packaging weights, and support reuse and multi-trip models. We weave the spirit of sustainability into our product development.  Many products use recycled fibers and sustainable papers, and we will continue our efforts to make our products more environmentally friendly and support our customer’s sustainability goals.

Your Solutions Partner

Our Sesame® brand of adhesive coated tapes and strings is the leading brand in the packaging and plywood industry for improving product performance. With our local market and technical expertise, in addition to our presence in over 40 countries, we leverage global manufacturing and R&D capabilities to create innovative and sustainable solutions, helping our customers be successful in their businesses.

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